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Bebest Instant Rice Porridge 50g ( 10 x 5g ) for 4mth+
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  • 选用韩国优质大米製作成片状的固体膳食形状,在宝宝需要练习吞嚥及咬合时有很好的帮助,可刺激大脑及脸部肌肉练习
  • ​天然食材无添加化学成份、无农药,不会增加宝宝的负担
  • 科技乾燥技术保留原食材养份和香味
  • 通过HACCP认证和符合卫生清洁製程,让宝宝吃得安心
  • BeBest粥方便快速,让家中有宝宝的妈咪,无须再为煮副食品而疲于奔命,可以轻鬆简单就上桌
  • 外出或忙碌时宝贝副食品的好帮手!
  • 简单的调理方式,任何人都可以轻鬆准备。
  • 妈咪偶尔放假的周末,爸爸或家人都可以简单的准备,享受与孩子的亲子时光。

Pour only hot water, Fresh Rice Porridge would be made‟ is completed immediately!

◈ No Need to be Boiled! Just pour hot water and mix, rice porridge will be completed!
◈ Moms don‟t have to spend the time to cook, no need to boil itself and the taste & fragrance still alive therefore child would be satisfied!
◈ Through adjusting the amount of water, „Thin rice gruel‟ for the beginning stage of weaning period to „rice congee‟ for middle and final stages of weaning period can be made!
◈ Rice porridge Itself is OK! Mixed menu with the addition of Baby Food ingredients is also OK!
◈ Organic and Domestic Rice, Domestic Vegetable would be used
◈ No allergen inducing ingredients
(Eggs, milk, buckwheat, peanut, soybean, wheat, mackerel, crab, shrimp, pork, peach, tomato,
sulfurous acid, walnut, chicken, beef, squid, shellfish (oysters, abalone, mussels included))
▶ Bebest “Rice Porridge” Series, Bebest “Almighty Materials” Series together. Various D.I.Y weaning food can be easily & simply made!

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