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Bebest Calcium Rice Stick 40g - Pumpkin & Carrot for 8+ mths
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  • 使用韩国产有机米,水果
  • 无添加(韩国宝宝米饼都是无添加)
  • 钠含量0
  • 无奶粉,无麦敷,无防腐剂,无蓬鬆剂,
  • 无人造色素,无人工香料,无调味甜味剂
  • 添加钙,铁,锌配方
  • 口味: 南瓜红萝卜,菠菜红薯,香蕉

◈ Calcium Stick / Puff Ring

ㆍCalcium, iron and zinc contained!
ㆍHealthy and soft rice stick made with organic and domestic brown rice and plenty of healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits!
ㆍ'Finger Food' to help the baby‟s finger exercise! Through the process of a baby taking the rice snack by hand and eating it by mouth, it helps the child's finger muscle exercise, mouth-washing and chewing, and brain growth.

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