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Bebest Prune Juice for 9mth+
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• Suitable for babies from 12 months

• Bebest Juices are HACCP certified, children can eat at ease and mommies can be rest assured.

• Volume: 70 ML

• Made in South Korea

When baby food expert Bebest and prune expert Taylor Farm Prune meet, the best baby prune juice is made. Children’s digestive system are still immature so they can be very sensitive to food changes. Bebest Prune Juice uses only 100% Taylor Farm prunes, making the flavour unique containing a variety of dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. Since it contains prune paste and prune concentrate, there are no synthetic preservatives or flavours, children can drink at ease. Suitable for 12 months and above.

Background of Taylor’s Prune

Since 1916, Taylor Farm’s Prune is a prune expert and the largest provider of organic prunes (over 70%) occupied by the U.S. market, has been fully converted to fully organic farming since 1989 with the goal of harvesting the best prune with eco-friendly farming.

Nutritional Structure

Fruits containing dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. California’s rich sunlight and fertile land further enhances the sweetness and nutrients of the fruit. Dietary fibre, the 6th most important nutrient, is apt to be lacking in modern people’s diet. Dietary fibre is an insoluble that cannot be digested by human digestive enzymes and reaches the large intestine, so it can increase the amount of variance, which helps with the bowel movements. Prunes provide dietary fibre in the diet of modern people. Fibres, iron, potassium etc. whose main nutrients are recognised, are essential nutrients for women’s health and beauty. Iron in prunes are helpful during menstruation, diet, pregnancy, childbirth, etc.

Fruit rich in antioxidants

In a major study between USDA and Boston Tuft University, prunes are shown to be rich in antioxidants. Fruits rich in antioxidants boosts immunity and improves health.

Instructions: An introduction to effective intake of healthy prune

  • Shake the juice to mix well.
  •  How to more effectively consume prune nutrition?

If you eat it with fruits or vegetables rich in vitamin C, you can increase the absorption rate of iron in prunes.

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