BeBecook - Duo-Flavor Rice Snack (Sweet Potato) 5mth+
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★ 入口即化且口感绵密,让妈妈们无须担心吞嚥问题
★ 一块米饼有两种颜色、两种口味,给宝贝丰富的味蕾体验
★ 严选韩国产白米
★ 营养学家精选食材 : 番薯、南瓜、菠菜
★ 卫生夹链包装,未吃完时方便保存
★ 适合宝宝训练咀嚼、吞嚥及抓握能力
★ 容量: 30g/包
★ 适用年龄: 5个月+

The BeBecook My First Duo-Flavour Rice Rusk (Sweet Potato)!

Soothe your teething baby with BeBecook Duo-Flavour Rice Rusk (Sweet Potato)! Enjoy the great natural taste of organic korean white rice and sweet potato in every piece of this healthy cracker.  The non-sticky and non-chewy snack dissolves easily in the mouth, and is the perfect no-mess food option for your little one. Easy-to-hold design encourages self-feeding through biting and chewing. Comes in a convenient resealable polybag.

  • -Perfect first solid food option for teething babies
  • Savour the great natural taste of organic korean white rice and purple sweet potato in every piece
  • No added salt, seasoning and preservatives
  • 'Dissolves' easily in mouth
  • Easy-to-hold design encourages self feeding
  • Resealable and portable for feeding on the go
  • Safe and clean production under HACCP system

Made in South Korea.

Net weight: 30g

Suitable from 5 months.

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